The One Spark Challenge

Have you received this card?  If you have, then you have received a “Spark” from a stranger. A Spark is a random act of kindness.  The challenge found on the back of the card asks the recipient to do a random act of kindness every week for an entire year.

“One Spark can Start a Fire. Will it be Yours?”

We are a Non Profit and Our Mission is to Spark Acts of Kindness. Will You Join Us in Making the World a Kinder Place?


Latest News


Santa's Workshop

Donate to help provide Christmas for children who without your generosity would be without on Christmas morning.


Raffle Tickets


Ice Bucket Challenge Donation

To donate for the Ice Bucket Challenge please follow link below! Thank you for your help!!!


Donate to Fight Childhood Cancer

To Donate to Fight Childhood Cancer please follow this link and tell us what your donating for!!! Thank your for your help, we could not Change the World without each of you!



One Spark Foundation

Naftzger Park, Douglas and St. Francis Park, Wichita


Community Feed of hot fresh food prepared by One Spark Foundation. All we need is you to show up and Help with the Feed or be there for a Hug to Eat some GREAT FOOD!!! Look Forward to Seeing YOU ALL!!!




One Spark Times

A monthly Newsletter of the Sparks around the world and local moments that we would like to share with our One Spark Friends. Also we will share national events and sign up sheets to get more involved in our spread of Kindness!